How to create a "Magnetic Business" that attracts and wins the best investors, business partners and big deals FAST.

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    Discover what Investors and strategic business partners are looking for – and you will know why they buy

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    Uncover hidden golden nuggets (desirable assets) that multiply your strategic value – and you will influence why they pay more

  • SECRET 3

    Get crystal clear how to position as a strategic partner – and you will attract and win the best investors and business partners and close game changing deals

    • YOUR HOST: Christian Haack

      Christian Haack is an executive advisor and the developer of the MAEXIT Framework that maximizes M&A, joint venture, funding (VC) and exit deals, Private Equity investments and strategic partnerships.


      Business Performance Strategist

      Strategic Partnership Marketing Advisor

      Business Exit Angel

      Bestselling Book Author


    Learn how to always getting more for your business, when you want to GROW, FUND or SELL it.

    Christian Haack

    Business Exit Angel


    Magnetic Business Builder Live Program

    Attract and win the best Investors and Strategic Business Partner to grow, fund or exit your business beyond expectations.

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    I personally had no idea, expertise and knowledge what my exit options were when I started looking into selling my business. As an internationally operating business owner, entrepreneur and team leader I know how to build businesses and run successful operations. But I was definitely NOT the expert when it came to selling my business. Due to my goals I found the right expert and was able to execute an incredibly successful exit strategy which supported and continuously supports me financially as I sold my legacy business.


    And I'll say, I'm speaking to ALL business owners! NOT using his services can be fatal on a financial and legacy level. It's more comfortable and profitable working with him, than working without him!

    Brigitta H.

    Business Owner

    When I tried to improve my business to increase the value to become more powerful and influential when doing deals, I was overwhelmed by all the things I "must" do. It was impossible for me to decide, what will work and what is not working to make my business more attractive to other businesses or investors. 

    The Business Attraction Assesment is a powerful tool to discover and focus on the golden nuggest of my business. I only focused and amplified one area and the investors lined up to pay me even more money for my business than I had ever expected.


    Knowing why they buy and why they pay more is the most valuable advice I have ever received.

    Joseph W.

    Serial Entrepreneur